Signore Tonino

Signore Tonino is our friend from Sorrento, Italy. He is one of 10 children and in a family that includes 23 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. His great-grandfather started the inlaid wood business and Tonino opened his portion of the business 30 years ago. The manufacture of the inlaid furniture in Sorrento starts from a design exclusive to Tonino's family. Inlaid wood work requires skillfully using the contrast of grains and colors of different types of woods to produce highly crafted Italian art. We are so happy to represent Tonino and this beautiful art of intarsia.

Signore Antonino

Our friend Signore Antonino is also from Sorrento, Italy. His family’s inlaid wood manufacturing company was founded in 1957. The company concentrates on inlaid wood boxes for special occasions such as weddings, music boxes and unique sports designs. They also produce beautiful trays and tea carts.

The process begins by cutting intricate artistic designs using the finest quality wood. The piece passes through many hands for construction, sanding, polishing and detailed finishing of each piece. Original designs were reproductions of Pompeiian and classical motifs, later the craftsmen included landscapes.

The family also has an apartment rental known as Anna's in Sorrento, Italy. It is a wonderful property with a beautiful garden, warm and welcoming. Signore Antonio's charming wife and her sister who run the rental business will make you feel right at home. Feel free to contact us about this property.

Signora Patrizia

This is Patrizia. Her family makes high quality stainless steel Italian flatware, posate, in several styles. We really like to sell the Italian flatware salad serving sets, appetizer sets, and other specialty pieces from her. We know they are dishwasher safe and long lasting as we have personally tested them! Lee is a great shopper and constantly comparing prices and quality and we feel Patrizia's styles of Italian flatware are the best in the industry.

The family business is located in a beautiful part of the northern Italian countryside near Lago di Garda. We thank Patrizia for her hospitality and the wonderful products her family continues to produce for our enjoyment. They also produce the tre bimbi line for babies available through Gioia Luce.

Signore Giorgio

Giorgio is a charismatic person. He travels a lot including trips to Monterey, California to visit with some friends there. He a wonderful variety of Italian jewelry. The pieces that caught our eye especially were those made of the Italian Paesina stone. These stones paint a landscape type scene and are beautifully encased in special designs. Giorgio and his company are located on beautiful Lago di Como and as he says, "Siamo molto tranquile qui--we are very peaceful here." We look forward to working more with Giorgio and continuing to bring new styles to our customers through Giorgio's wonderful connections and excellent taste.

Signora Barbara

Our Venetian jewelry contact is a small company on the mainland of Venice that prides itself in top quality Murano Glass Jewelry production. We love the Murano pendants, earrings, bracelets watches and bracelet-watches available through Gioia Luce.

We have a wonderful proven working relationship with this Venetian jewelry company and we are so happy to be included as one of their clients. Barbara speaks excellent English and is very quick to respond to us by e-mail. We consider this artistic company the best Venetian jewelry company in the business and look forward to a long relationship together.

Familia A. Giannelli

The exquisite Italian statuary that we carry is born in the heart of Italy's alabaster district in the city of Volterra, Italy. Each piece is finely crafted with attention to detail. The family of A. Giannelli has carried on the work of their Volterran-born father and grandfather, famous for several prominent pieces, including a bust of Dwight D. Eisenhower and a three-meter high totem for the Boston University. We thank his family and friends in Volterra for continuing this work for all of us to enjoy. Grazi!

Signore Sergio

We are very honored to represent the linens and laces of Sergio's family business, located on the famous lace making island of Burano, Italy. Venetian lace and Burano lace are world renowned. Gros point de Venise describes Venetian lace throughout the world and is recognized by its fine stitches, transparency, open works and reliefs which are so perfect, that it is impossible to imitate. We have enjoyed each visit to Sergio and his family and look forward to our future of working together.

Signori Dave & Chris

Dave and Chris, Kathy's brothers, have been farming and ranching all of their lives, continuing the traditions of their Italian ancestors. "We make our exquisitely flavored olive oil from trees imported from the Tuscany Region of Italy grown in an orchard nestled in the beautiful foothills of the San Juan Valley. Warm days and cool ocean breezes combine to create this captivating olive oil. Our trees are grown organically in virgin soil giving this cold-pressed and unfiltered olive oil a unique flavor."  The Tuscan olive varietals include Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, and Maurino. Buon Appetito! 



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